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CorPROrate Services FAQ'S

How do we Get Started with Daily Meal Deliver?

How do we order Catering?


How do we set up a cooking class or team building event?

When do we need to place our orders for daily meal delivery by?

The orders are sent out on Thursday, and we ask that they are returned the same day to insure that we are able to give you you exactly what you're wanting.

Who is our main point of contact, and how do we reach them?

Your main point of contact will be Ty Mercer. He will also be delivering the meals each day and handling any customizations. (See "Meet the Pros" tab for more information about Ty)

What type of cuisine do you specialize in?

We specialize in making Keto, Paleo, and Vegan friendly cuisine options, however because we are fully custom we will gladly make any type of cuisine you desire!

For the daily meal delivery program, when are meals delivered?

Meals will be delivered by 11:30 am each day, however if there are any changes we will notify you before hand.

How much notice do you need to place a catering order?

We normally ask for at least 3 days of notice, however depending on the size of the order, we can cater for you on a days notice!

What is the price of your services?

Prices of meals range from $11.00-$16.00 depending on what types of protein you choose.

Do you have set menus or can we customize orders?

Our menu changes from week to week, however because we are fully custom you can tell us what you are wanting in your order and we will gladly make it for you! 

Do you provide serving ware, dishes, and warmers for catering events?

We will provide everything for you but silverware and dishes.

Do you have allergy or diet friendly options?

Our meals are all Gluten Free and Nut Free unless stated otherwise on menu. Put any allergies or dietary restriction on your order and we will make sure to cover those for you!