Corporate Meal Delivery

How It Works?


We create a custom ordering button for your organization, where your employees can easily order meals each week. Menu changes WEEKLY, and we customize a system that works well with your team! Your employees can order their lunches for the next week in advance without hassle and we will deliver all meals each day of the week they order.

How is this helpful to your team?


They can have an easier way to order healthy meals, and have a variety that no other ordering site offers, with menus that are ever changing they will be happy, healthy, and have more time in week to be productive. Also we send instant invoices easy to track and deliver same time every day to make it easy to plan their meetings and day.

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About the Meals we Deliver each day....

Each day there will be Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Whole 30, Pescatarian Options.

They are made with primarily organic ingredients.

They will all have their macros attached  (carbs protein fat) so employees can track their intake.

They are delivered in individual portions.

We offer FREE meal replacement, so if employee doesn't like a meal, we replace for FREE.

They are made in Dallas, locally sourced when possible.

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