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Palate Pro Plates

Customized chef-made meals dropped on your doorstep every week. We can even deliver to your office. Convenience and quality are key. The best part?  We specialize in creating Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free, Kosher, Macros, Keto, and Dairy Free meals with ingredients that are purchased locally. 

Whatever your needs, we will deliver food that is delicious, unique, and always true to your lifestyle. 

Due to the nature of our business pre paid orders cannot be refunded, if you order meals and no longer want our services we can apply your credit to any other service in the future :)

our Pro Promise

Sample Menu (changes every week)

Meals on Menu until March 1st

1.Arugula, goat cheese, sun dried tomato chicken meatza with marinara (keto) (has dairy) C:10-15g P:25-30g F:8-10g

2.Black bean and chick pea vegetarian chili C:25-30g P:15-20g F:6-8g (no dairy)

3.Lemon chicken asparagus garlic zucchini noodle pasta (keto and paleo) (no dairy)

C:10-15g P:25-30g F:8-10g

4.Asian Chicken and Sweet potato stir fry with snap peas (paleo) (no dairy)

C:25-35g P:25-30g F:8-10g

5.Mediterranean beef and feta stuffed tomatoes (keto) (has dairy)

C:10-15g P:35-40g F:12-15g

6.Cheese stuffed zucchini roll ups with Italian meat-sauce (keto) (has dairy)

C:10-15g P:25-30g F:8-10g

7.Honey garlic salmon over broccoli (paleo and keto) (no dairy)

C:10-15g P:30-35g F:15-20g

New menu items (this week only)

8. BBQ Rotisserie Chicken on bone, w/ Cauliflower Mash (Keto and Paleo) C: 10-15g P:30-35g F:15-20g 

9. Cheesy Rotisserie Chicken Off the Bone stuffed in Zucchini Boat (keto) C: 12-15g P:25-30g F:35-30g 

10. Italian Sub style Almond Flour Wrap with Italian dressing no cheese (cold) (paleo) C: 35-45g P:2-25g F:15-20g 

11.Pot Roast w/ sweet potato and onions (Paleo) C: 35-45g P:30-35g F:25-35g 

12. Beef Meatball Sub stuffed in Sweet Potato (paleo) C: 25-35g P:30-35g F:10-15g 

13. Pesto Salmon w/Zucchini and Cauliflower Hash (keto and Paleo) C: 15-20g P:30-35g F:15-20g 

14. Ground Chicken Bolognese w/ Zucchini Noodle Pasta (keto and paleo) C: 10-15g P:30-35g F:15-20g 

15. Cheesy ground chicken Chile Rellenos (keto) C: 10-15g P:30-35g F:15-20

16. Asian Ground Chicken Lettuce wraps (paleo and Keto) C:10-15g P:30-35g F:15-20g 

17. Meatloaf Pizza with spinach pepperoni mushroom and cheese (keto) 12.00 C: 10-15g P:30-35g F:15-20g 

18. Vegan Tacos w/corn tortilla (Vegan) C: 30-40g P:10-15g F:15-20g 

19. Asian Ground Chicken Tacos w/corn tortilla no cheese C: 30-40g P:25-30g F:15-20g 

20. Mexican Beef Tacos w/Keto Tortilla w/roasted salsa and cheese (keto) C: 10-15g P:25-30g F:15-20g 

 Breakfast and Dessert

21. Breakfast Peanut butter cinnamon Oatmeal bowl 

22. Breakfast Scrambled egg enchiladas w/ bacon zucchini hash (paleo and keto) 12.00 C: 10-15g P:10-15g F:15-20g 

23. Breakfast ground chicken and cheese egg quesadilla (keto) C: 10-15g P:10-15g F:15-20g 

24. Breakfast Bacon spinach and egg quesadilla (keto and Paleo) C: 10-15g P:10-15g F:15-20g 

25. Breakfast Egg and Cheese Quesadilla, Vegetarian (keto) C: 10-15g P:10-15g F:15-20g 

26. Tiramisu Parfait (Keto) C: 14-20g


Reminder you can always request specific items too. Some things we cannot accommodate but we always try, also if you don't submit your survey my midnight on Friday then some items and requests are subject to change