Palate Pro Promise





  Palate Pro is a Private Chef Company in Dallas that provides the highest quality food and services, tailor-made for you. No matter the occasion or customized plan, you are protected under the Palate Pro Promise.

What does this promise guarantee? 

The Palate Pro Promise Includes:

- Free meal replacement (Didn’t enjoy a meal? We replace it for FREE!)

- Holding ourselves to a higher standard. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. As proof, if we dip below an 8.5 rating, you will receive $50.00 off your next purchase.

We vow to use only use the freshest and healthiest ingredients when crafting your meals. Always making sure to keep food quality at the forefront of each and every plate.





Pro Clients:

- Been a client for 3 months? Get $30 off of your next order.

- Been a client for 6 months? Get $60 off of your next order.

- Been a client for 9 months? Get $90 off of your next order.

- Been a client for 12 months? Get $120 off of your next order. 

Pro- Referrals

- If you refer us and they sign up, get $30 off a 2-week order and $60 off a 4-week order.

Pro-Bonus Box

Receive a bonus box with 5 free meals to share with friends or family (randomly selected each week)


- Lastly, review us on Google and get $25 off! 





  Being a pro on the plate isn’t our only promise. We offer a one-of-a-kind client experience that aims for perfection during every part of the process. Every purchase you make is protected with our personal guarantee ensuring that you are completely satisfied every step of the way. 

Palate Pro Highlights:

We offer the Palate Pro Promise to each of our clients as peace of mind, so that you get the most out of your relationship with us.

* On Time Guarantee: If we fail to show up within the time window selected, you will receive $50 off your next order

* If you rate your satisfaction for ANY week as less than a 5 on the 1-10 scale, we will give you a free week

* If you refer us and your referral does not rate us at an 8 or higher (on average) in the first month, YOU will receive a free week

* We will provide FREE meal replacement for any meals that spoil, or ones that you simply don’t enjoy!